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The design and development of a web site has many stages. The most important is the information gathering process so that I can create your information architecture. Being thorough on this stage of your website development helps communicate the facts your visitors are searching for - and in an efficient manner. Once you know that the information
your web site visitors need, we can move on to design.

The design process is basically me taking your favorite colors, images, and ideas and turning them into a site you will be proud of for many years. It's a give and take between us until we find that balance between the visual and the informative that will best suit you and your clients.

To get you started with design I've created a few templates to give you an idea where we can start. You can see them here. By no means is this the limit of your options! All my web site designs are custom to your business.

Some of the other web site development services I offer include:

For more information on my web development standards or pricing, please contact me at susan.kallsen@comcast.net or 952-937-5954. Quotes are always free!

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