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Would you like your website to be optimized so you can receive the best search engine placement for the least amount of advertising money possible? Don't be fooled by websites the will charge a lot of money to submit your website to different search engines, web crawlers and robots.

Let us help you stretch your advertising dollars by optimizing your website for better placement in search engines (part of your initial web site development package). If you would like to increase your sites traffic even more we can help you strategize your advertising dollars for the best type of web placement you can afford.

What is Search Engine Submission:
It is more or less getting your URL (website) out there in the major search engines like Google and Yahoo, however, even after submission of your website it make take between 4-12 weeks for your URL to show up on a particular search engine site.

Search Engine Optimization:
Meta Tags (more to be added)

How much is your advertising budget?
If you DO NOT need to get your website listed immediately, we recommend that you wait 3-4 months to see how well you place in certain search engines. IF you feel you need better search engine placement then we will submit your website to different search engines fee programs. Below/above is a list of the different search engines we can submit your website to and how much it will cost per submission and what it covers.

Search Engine
Free Submission
Paid Submission
Google Yes Yes $5 for submission, then $50/month on up
Dmoz (open directory) Yes Yes  
Yahoo Yes Yes $299/year
MSN Yes No None

Paid Placement Programs:
Every major search engine with significant traffic accepts paid listings. This unique form of search engine advertising means that you can be guaranteed to appear in the top results for the terms you are interested in within a day or less. Given this, paid listings are an option that should be explored by site owners who wish to quickly build visibility. They may also be a long-term advertising option for some.

Yahoo has two submission options: "Standard," which is free, and "Yahoo Express," which involves a submission fee of $299/year. Yahoo Express gets your website in the hands of the humans that compile the directories within 7 business days and ONLY guarantees a yes or no response to be submitted. If accepted, you'll be reevaluated after a year and charged the submission fee again, if you want to stay in Yahoo's commercial area. You should review the traffic you received from Yahoo over the past year, to decide if it is worth paying the fee again. If not, you can decline to be listed, and you will not be charged. We can help set this up initially, but you will be responsible for renewal after that.

Feel free to contact me at susan.kallsen@comcast.net if you have any questions.

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