The design and development of a web site has many stages. The most important is the information gathering process so that I can create your information architecture. Being thorough on this stage of your website development helps communicate the facts your visitors are searching for - and in an efficient manner. Once you know that the information your web site visitors need, we can move on to design.

The design process is basically me taking your favorite colors, images, and ideas and turning them into a site you will be proud of for many years. It's a give and take between us until we find that balance between the visual and the informative that will best suit you and your clients.

Some of the other web site development services I offer include:

For more information on my web development standards or pricing, please contact me at or 952-937-5954.

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For many companies, small or large, it is difficult to find time to keep your web site up-to-date. Small firms especially do not have the resources to have a full-time webmaster on staff. I offer my clients an affordable web site maintenance package.

I charge an hourly fee for site maintenance but will bill as low as 15 minutes per work order. So if you have something small that needs to be updated ASAP, you can be guaranteed that you will not be charged more than that 15 minutes worth of my time. Or you can save up small changes and have me do everything on a onetime weekly or monthly basis. It is up to you how you want to manage your site maintenance schedule.

For more information on pricing, please contact me at or 952-937-5954.

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I have been buying and selling on eBay since 1997. My eBay ID is garagesaler - you can see if I have any items up for sale this week and my feedback rating by going by clicking on my eBay logo below:

There are two kinds of service I offer to clients wanting to sell their items on eBay. First, I can sell your item for you on commmission. Second, I can assist sellers who want to sell their own items by creating auction templates, setting up eBay stores, and more!


I offer very competitve rates for selling your items on commission on eBay. Below are the usual commission fees that I charge, but this is negotiable based on the value of your item(s).

Closing Auction Price Commission
Base Fee for Selling Service $20.00
$0 - $299 29% of the closing auction price
$300 - $999 29% of the first $299, plus 23% of the remaining closing auction price balance
over $999 29% of the first $299, plus 23% of the next $300 - $999, plus 17% of the remaining closing auction price balance


The second service I offer is one getting you set up to sell your own items on eBay. This is particularly helpful for new sellers who want to establish a presence and a good name in the eBay community. Types of services under this category would be:

  • Creating a personalized auction template that suits the type of items you plan to sell (e.g. childrens theme for someone selling mainly toys).
  • Education on eBay "best practices".
  • Setting up accounts for sellers on eBay or Paypal.
  • Setting up and/or maintaining an eBay store.
  • Any other type of auction assistance.

Fees for these services vary depending upon what is needed by the client. Base fee for eBay assistance that does NOT include selling items is $25 per hour.

Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

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Training that is available through Kallsen Internet Consulting LLC:

eBay Buying and Selling
Beginning PC User
How to Use MS Office Products
Creating a Website
Online Shopping - How to do ALL your shopping online...safely!
Internet Etiquette a.k.a. Netiquette!
E-mail tips - Avoiding Spam and Ignoring Spoofs and Urban Legends
Setting up a new home computer system
Training tailored to your needs!

Contact me at or 952-937-5954 for more detailed information on training courses. Available one-on-one or for small groups.

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I am available for just about any kind of research or writing that you need done! Whether it's a comparative survey of web sites for businesses like yours, business or personal background checks, or help finding a person from your past, I can help you. Contact me at and we'll get started!

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